31 Beautiful Backyard Decor Ideas

Your backyard is an extension of your indoor living space, and it should be designed and decorated with your preferences in mind. While you might invest a lot of time and money into decorating your kitchen or bedroom, you may not have thought of ways to make your backyard look amazing. It’s even worth decorating your backyard if you’re planning to move soon, as adding visual elements to this space can raise the overall value of your home and attract buyers.

Whether you’re looking for tips on decorating your patio or fence for everyday use or are looking for backyard party decoration ideas for an upcoming get-together, we’ve gathered up some inspiration for you to use.

Here are some of the best one to get you going!

  • Build a Wooden Path
  • Add Rustic Seating
  • Hang Simple Swings
  • Look for Lantern Lighting
  • Dress Up Your Gazebo
  • Choose a Birdbath
  • Let the Wildflowers Grow
  • Plant a Vegetable Garden
  • Install a Paver Patio
  • And More!

Build a Wooden Path

Keep your feet clean and dry and add a bit of visual interest by putting in wooden steps. You could make a path to your swimming pool, to the garden, or around the entire perimeter of the house. Of course, you are not limited to using wood; try stone or concrete paver stones or purchase a kit that will allow your children or grandchildren to make handprint- or gem-adorned stones to step on.

wooden garden path

Add Rustic Seating

Bring some Old World charm into your backyard with rustic seating options. You can look for old chairs at yard sales or antique shops, or distress your own. This is a particularly good idea for someone looking for small backyard decorating ideas, as you can set up a small seating area without adding a large table or a whole set of six or eight chairs.

rustic chair in backyard

Enjoy Coffee by the Flowers

Imagine enjoying your morning coffee at this cute little cafe table situated next to your favorite flowers. The fence provides privacy, too. In addition to the flowers, other backyard fence decoration ideas might include stringing lights or a garland across the posts. Think about what would make you smile as you create your own little corner of the yard to relax and rejuvenate.

backyard tea table

Dine Al Fresco

Invest in some bright and cheery dinnerware to use outdoors. Plan al fresco dinners with your family or invite some friends and neighbors over for a casual lunch on the weekends. There’s no need for matching chairs, either; just bring out the folding chairs you have accumulated over the years. Be sure to invite plenty of people over to dine with you... the more the merrier!

backyard tea party set

Hang Simple Swings

Whether or not you have children, a pair of simple swings in a tree can give your yard a touch of youthfulness that will make you smile. Attach ropes or chains to a sturdy branch, and use a flat piece of wood as the seat. Be sure to test it out to ensure it can hold your weight before letting children swing on it. A safer option is to build or buy rustic swings and attach them to an A-frame that is made to support swings.

swings in backyard

Look for Lantern Lighting

Spice up your nights with some gorgeous lanterns on your patio or backyard table. In your search for backyard patio decoration ideas, you won’t want to neglect your lighting needs. These lanterns can be purchased in a set so they’re all the same; alternatively, you might seek out fixtures of different shapes and sizes for a more whimsical look.

picnic table with lantern lighting

Dress Up Your Gazebo

Don’t save the twinkling lights only for the holiday season! Dressing up your gazebo, bushes, trees, and so on will bring an air of festivity to your yard at any time of year. For a timeless look, use white lights rather than the colorful version. Of course, during the actual holiday season, you can go all out with wreaths, garlands, and other decorations that are popular in the winter. Try out these backyard gazebo decoration ideas to enjoy a holiday feeling all year long.

decorated gazebo

Attract Wildlife

Building a pond and letting the lily pads take over is a great way to encourage wildlife into your backyard oasis. Just imagine listening to the frogs singing at night, seeing fish splashing around, and being able to watch the birds visit your fountain for a sip of water. Surround your pond area with pavers or a pile of water-loving plants to attract bees, butterflies, and more.

backyard garden setup

Choose a Birdbath

Birdbaths are available in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so if you want to attract an array of birds to your backyard, pick out one or more that appeal to you! Before long, you’ll have a reputation among your neighborhood birds and they’ll stop in for a bath and a drink. Enjoy observing nature right out your window or from your comfortable porch or patio.

bird bath

Put Flowers on the Table

Whether you’re just having afternoon tea with your children or you are looking for backyard wedding decoration ideas, adding fresh flowers to your table will give your outdoor dining atmosphere extra elegance. Pick flowers that you already have growing in your garden, or check out the selection available at your local nursery to find blooms that will complement your table setting.

flower pot on table

Let the Wildflowers Grow

Don’t be afraid to leave part of your property un-mowed and natural-looking. See if any wildflowers grow; if they don’t, you can help matters along by sowing seeds for plants that grow natively in your area. These flowers can be left as-is to beautify your yard, or you can cut them and bring them inside or add them to your patio table.

wild flowers in backyard

Plant a Vegetable Garden

You might not think of a veggie garden as typical backyard decor, but seeing those plants bearing bright red tomatoes, multi-colored bell peppers, and long green beans will bring a smile to your face. Even better, they’ll make a delicious, nutritious, and economical addition to your meals! Talk to a local gardener or check some websites to find out what grows best in your area and what type of soil conditions you need.

backyard vegetable garden

Put Up a Greenhouse

Maybe a garden bed isn’t your style. If that’s the case, consider building or purchasing a backyard greenhouse. You can make it as elegant, rustic, or whimsical as you’d like, and you can fill it with cacti, flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Be creative! A greenhouse doesn’t have to be large, and you can put one up even on a budget.

backyard greenhouse

Install a Paver Patio

Do you have a beautiful view in your backyard? Installing a paver patio will give you a relaxing, sunny place to sit, relax, and enjoy. Invest in a well-made patio table and chairs set for the ultimate comfort. This spot will be great for entertaining, but it will also serve as an extended living space for your family. Choose from flagstone, limestone, concrete, or various other options.

seating on a paved patio

Hang a Tire Swing

Who doesn’t love a tire swing? Find a strong, sturdy branch that is at least six inches in diameter, tie a thick rope around it, attach an old tire, and remember the days of your youth. A tire swing adds youthful appeal to your backyard decor, and it also gives you, your own children, and any visiting neighbors something fun to do.

tireswing in backyard

Build a Fire Pit

Spending your evenings by a crackling fire while telling stories and enjoying toasted marshmallows is sure to become a treasured memory for years or even decades to come. You can build a DIY fire pit with concrete blocks or paver stones, or you can purchase a kit or a ready-made pit at any home improvement store.

backyard firepit

Decorate With Paper Lanterns

Having a picnic, party, or barbecue? If you’re looking for backyard BBQ decoration ideas, these paper lanterns might be the perfect touch. Hang them from trees, around the top of your patio, or individually from tall garden stakes. Buy the kind that you can turn on and off with a battery so you can enjoy their colors by day and the light that they emit at night.

paper lantern

Spruce Up Your Wooden Patio

If your wood patio is looking a bit tired, there’s no need to spend a lot of money getting it back into shape. Pressure-wash it to remove any dirt, mold, or other discoloration. Apply a fresh coat of paint if needed. Buy matching seat covers if you aren’t going to be replacing your seating. String some lights over the table, add some plants, and you have a beautiful seating area!

wooden patio

Use Tiki Torches

Add some flickering light to your evenings with strategically placed tiki torches. You can use citronella candles to keep mosquitos at bay, or use unscented candles if bugs aren’t a problem. These make great backyard decorations if you are having a barbecue or while you are sitting around the firepit making s’mores.

Tiki torch

Install a Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your property is sure to elevate your backyard’s appearance! There are so many possibilities and designs available, from inexpensive aboveground pools to inground swimming pools that require major construction. Adding lighting in and around the pool will make it even more attractive. You can also plant flowers and other water-loving flora.

woman in backyard swimming pool

Hang Hammocks

Turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis fit for napping with some comfortable hammocks. You can buy stands to hold them if you don’t have enough sturdy trees. You can pick hammocks that match your decorating style; they come in a wide array of colors as well as materials ranging from yarn crochet to heavy denim and everything in between.

hammocks in backyard

Pick Up Pretty Flower Pots

Decorate your fence, porch rails, or even some trees in your yard by hanging metal flower pots in a variety of rainbow colors. Fill them with greenery, flowers, herbs, or even small vegetable plants. Imagine being able to stroll through your yard picking some basil and rosemary for your dinner. That would be an aromatic as well as an attractive display.

hanging flower pots

Don’t Mow the Dandelions

Are you plagued by dandelions? Often seen as a weed, dandelions are bright and cheerful--they’re also fully edible (as long as you don’t use any lawn sprays or have other types of pollution in your yard). In addition, they tend to attract bees and butterflies to the garden. Let them grow as they may, at least in one area of your backyard.


Feed the Birds All Winter

Don’t forget to feed the birds all winter long! If you get snow in your area, you might want to choose a brightly colored bird feeder for these months; the hues will reflect off of the snow and double in attractiveness. Also, consider putting in a birdhouse or two to help your fine feathered friends stay warm and cozy all winter long.

birds in a bir feeder in winter

Decorate for the Holidays

During the holidays, choose a tree in your backyard and hang a variety of non-breakable baubles for a stunning display. You can add lights, too, to complete the look. Another idea might be to hang pinecones smeared with peanut butter and birdseed; they will look attractive hanging against the bare branches and will also provide food for the birds.

backyard Christmas decor

Listen to the Windchimes

Decorate your backyard with sweet-sounding windchimes. Hang them in the trees, off of your porch or deck, or off of your fence posts. You can find these made out of various materials, or you can make your own. YouTube and Pinterest will have tutorials to help you learn how to design and put together your own.

wind chimes

Make Liberal Use of Lawn Ornaments

If you need to add a bit of color to your backyard decor, lawn ornaments can be the way to go. These come in countless designs, from flowers to woodland creatures to well-known ornaments featuring flamingoes and geese. Set these up along a fence or walkway, or just sprinkle them liberally throughout the yard.

backyard lawn decoration

Add a Garden Sculpture

A garden sculpture can be an elegant way to bring interest to your garden. Choose from various figures such as Greek and Roman gods, men and women, trolls, gnomes, cherubs, and much more. You can also find sculptures that have fountains or birdbaths, which are excellent choices if you are also adding water to your yard.

sculpture in garden

Plant a Fruit Tree

If you have the room, plant a fruit tree in your yard. Not only will it bring you beautiful and sweet-smelling blooms in the spring but it will also provide you with gorgeous (and tasty) fruit later on. There’s only one caveat: Fruit trees can drop fruit on the ground if you don’t pick it in time, and that doesn’t look or smell beautiful, so be ready to clean up fallen fruits promptly.

apple blossom tree

Put Up a Fence

There are many different types of fences, and all have different applications. If you’re looking for something that will provide visual interest but you don’t need to keep children or pets contained, a wide-set country-style fence might be just what you are looking for. Other options might include aluminum fencing, a privacy fence, or even a chain-link fence.

fence posts

Plan to Cook Outdoors

While a grill, smoker, or even a brick pizza oven is not typically seen as backyard decor, it can look nice and serve its purpose, which is to create a way for you to gather with loved ones while preparing food for them to eat. The specific type of appliances you choose will depend on the types of food you like. Plan to have everyone over for a barbecue, brick-fired pizza, or smoked brisket soon!

sausages being cooked


As you can see from looking at these 31 ideas for backyard decorating, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make your yard look and feel amazing. Just pick one section at a time to focus on, and determine what your budget is. You might be able to decorate some areas on a dime while investing a bit more in other areas. Determine what your decorating style is, then look for pieces as you go, adding elements that will turn your backyard and garden into a place where you will want to spend more and more time. Enjoy!

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