25 Innovative Privacy Fence Ideas

If you love your backyard, there’s a good chance your neighbor does too - which could mean prying eyes watching you as you relax in your space.

That’s when a privacy fence is a great addition to your yard. A fence keeps your kids and dogs in, and keeps other kids and dogs out. A fence ensures passers-by and nosey neighbors aren’t peering in to see what you’ve got on the grill or what you’re wearing in the pool.

A privacy fence also adds value to your property, increases security by discouraging those who may want to steal something, provides safety around structures like a pool, and adds shelter from the wind. It’s different from a regular fence in that it’s usually six feet in height, and provides “privacy” by being solid enough to prevent seeing through it.

Looking for the best privacy fence for your backyard? We’ve got 25 innovative privacy fence ideas so you can choose the best one for your needs.

These ones as we have decided are the best of the lot for a quick glance:

  • Stone Fence
  • Brick Fence
  • Iron and Brick Fence
  • Brick and Wood Fence
  • Solid Wooden Fence
  • Wooden Fence with a Lattice
  • Fence made with Panels
  • Composite Fence
  • Dog Fence
  • And Many More!

Stone Fence

Stone is a beautiful addition to a yard, particularly if you have a traditional English garden look in your yard. Think of a rambling paddock, a curved flagstone wall, or a stacked block wall. It’s likely best to hire a professional stone mason to build your stone wall, and be sure you know the height you desire before you begin. Check your budget as this could end up being pricey if you need a lot of fencing.

Garden with stone fence

Brick Fence

While this type of fence won’t rank among inexpensive privacy fence ideas, it is an investment in your property that will pay dividends. That’s because brick is not only beautiful, it’s durable. It’s also virtually maintenance free. Brick is a classic look that never goes out of style.

Iron and Brick Fence

If you want to save money, you can combine stone or brick with other materials. Choose solid brick in the areas of the yard where you want to block the view, and then use another option like metal or iron fencing in the other sections of fence, if you have space where privacy is not as important or you’d like to be able to see through the fence.  

Brick and Wood Fence

Horizontal privacy fence ideas provide for an interesting visual effect, like a brick wall inset with horizontal wooden slats. This will likely save some money in your budget too, since an all-brick wall can be pricey. Just remember the wood will require more maintenance than the brick portions of the wall.

Brick and wooden fence

Solid Wooden Fence

A traditional wood fence becomes a privacy fence when the fence boards are placed tightly together. This ensures nobody can see into the yard. This is also a good option if you have a dog that barks at every passer-by. Add a see-through “door” in the fence so you can look out if someone does come to visit.

Wooden fence

Wood Fence with a Lattice

If you want a fence that allows some light in, you can also use lattice at the top of the structure. This adds more height to the fence, although it also adds the ability to see through. But if the lattice is high enough, it’s unlikely anyone will be able to peek in, other than sunshine on a nice day. 

Wooden fence lattice

Beautiful white vinyl fence in back yard with nice landscaping in the foreground and background

Fence Made With Panels

One of the best DIY privacy fence ideas is to buy a fence kit and make your own fence. Panels, for instance, are relatively easy to install, although you may need a second set of hands to help you get the job done. Panels let you build your fence as big as you need, or create a standalone fence in only one section of your property.

Bamboo Fence

A really interesting visual effect is created with a bamboo fence, which can be designed to run horizontally or vertically. Make sure the bamboo is tightly wound together to create privacy. Bamboo can be combined with other materials, like installed into a metal structure. Bamboo is also ideal in themed spaces like a zen garden.

Bamboo fence

Composite Fence

A maintenance free option that may cost a bit more at the outset is a privacy fence made of composite materials. That could be a combination of recycled plastics and wood fibers, such as chips and sawdust, making it an environmentally friendly option. Vinyl and PVC products are also available, and have come down in pricing to make them a more attractive choice. They’re also light, making them easy to install.

Composite fence

A white vinyl fence running across a yard on spring day with blue sky and trees in the background

Metal Fence

Tall privacy fence ideas include metal fencing, which can be made to cover as large a space as possible. Metal fencing can be purchased in panels, making them easy to install. The slats can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the effect you’re looking to create. Or you can alternate sections to include both horizontal and vertical. You can even get different colored metal fencing to suit every taste and backyard. 

Metal fence

Corrugated Roofing Fence

For a truly unique look, then use corrugated roofing material and bare wood as the basis for your metal fence. This is maintenance free, but it can get hot, so consider this if you have small children and you’re worried about them playing nearby if you live in a very hot climate.  

roofing fence

Rolling Fence

Perhaps you want to completely close in your yard, including a driveway. Or you only need a privacy fence part of the time. Then a rolling fence or gate could accomplish your goals. Roll it into place when it’s needed, and roll it back when you’re done with it.

Rolling Fence

Turn a Building Into A Privacy Fence

If you only need privacy in one part of your yard, then add a gazebo with walls, or other type of structure. A gazebo gives you a space for gathering, and the walls will give you the privacy you need. A gazebo can also be turned into a change room for the pool. Or, add a shed, garage or greenhouse where you want privacy, accomplishing the dual purpose of a usable building and protection where you need it. 

House with fence

Standalone Screen

If you’re looking for cheap privacy fence ideas, then a privacy screen may be your solution, in particular if all you’re looking for is an answer to the question: How do I block my neighbor’s view? Yards that don’t need a complete fencing solution can be well served with a standalone privacy screen. Place it around the area you want protected, like where your patio faces the yard next door. You can even opt for one that’s portable, so you can move it if necessary. 

Standalone screen

Fence Panel Partition

What is the cheapest privacy fence to build? How about one that’s already built for you? A fence panel is another possibility if you need just a small portion of the yard protected. These are often sold individually, so rather than buying an entire kit to make a complete fence, you can buy one or two and create a secluded section of the yard, deck or patio. 

Fence panel partition

Fence with a View

Fences can also be built to include some space with a view. Let’s say you overlook a lake, or a golf course, and want to be able to enjoy looking out. Then consider a fence that’s solid on the sides, with glass panels overlooking your view. You’ll get privacy and security, and still be able to look out on the scenery you love.

Fence with view of city

Living Fence

If you actually like your neighbors, you may wonder: Is it rude to put up a privacy fence? The answer is no, and if you want a beautiful one, then a living fence will be sure to please those on both sides of the wall. A lattice with a vine is one option, but it may not provide much privacy in the winter months if you live in a cold climate. It is the perfect choice if you love greenery. Choose a flowering vine like a bougainvillea, which grows easily and features beautifully colored blooms, or stick to a fast-growing green vine that will cover the wall quickly. 

Fence with plants on it

Shrubs or Hedge Fence

Not everyone wants a solid wood or stone structure in their yard. So if you’re asking: What can I use instead of a privacy fence? How about shrubs, a hedge or trees? If you choose this option, you may have to wait for the plants to actually grow before you get true privacy. There will be maintenance in the form of trimming and picking up leaves. But this is also a wonderful addition to a yard for someone who loves to spend time puttering in the garden. Plus, hedges are ideal on uneven ground, liked sloped or steep properties.

Hedge fence

Planter Fence 

Another “living” option among privacy fence ideas for the backyard is to use a planter as a wall. You’ll need to add plants that grow tall enough to provide privacy, but you’ll get the beauty of a brick or wooden planter, for instance, with greenery, flowers or shrubs to add color. 

Planter fence

Chain Link Fence

You likely think chain link privacy fence ideas wouldn’t be on the list, since chain link is almost completely see-through. But privacy screens can be added to chain link fences. In fact, many companies offer different color choices, custom sizes, and often UV protection in their screens. You can also choose scenic screens, like those that mimic a vine, hedge, sandstone or even a sandy beach. Then you won’t need to wonder who gets the good side of the fence? It will be your side, of course. 

Chainlink fence

Deck Fence

Your deck may be your favorite place in your backyard, and you want your time spent there to be as private as possible. Then a fence around the deck may be all you need to create privacy, instead of fencing the entire property. Even a single corner of the deck that faces the neighbor’s yard may be enough to provide the privacy you need. 

Women on a chair surrounded by fence

Pool Fence

If you have a pool in your yard, then a fence is likely a necessity, for safety reasons. A fence with a gate that locks will ensure children and pets aren’t in danger of falling in, and will keep intrusive neighbors or passersby from “borrowing” the pool. Constructed high enough, you’ll also get privacy, as well as protection from the wind, and maybe additional warmth when you sun yourself against the pool walls. 

Pool surrounded by fence

Fenced Garden

Gardens need privacy too, especially when they get raided at harvest time! A fence around the garden will keep your dog from digging in it as well. A tall privacy fence provides protection from the wind, and may also generate extra heat by retaining warmth on a sunny day. Get one with a greenhouse attachment for the avid gardener. 


Fence with Edging 

If the idea of a solid fence is boring, then add some greenery in front to dress it up. Flower beds along the fence, trees in the front of the fence, or a few shrubs in the corners can be enough to add color and texture to your yard, and bring nature back into the yard after closing it off with a fence.

Fence with edging

Dog Fence

If it’s Fido who needs privacy, then a dog fence is the answer. Build a dog run with fencing that provides shelter and shade, keeps Fido in the yard and other dogs out, and makes sure Fido won’t be barking at everyone who goes by. Whether you’re in the yard or at work, a spacious dog run will keep your pup happy in the great outdoors.

Dog laying in garden

Sum and Substance

You should be able to spend time in your backyard without worrying about neighbors or people walking by looking into your private space. If you have kids or pets, you want them to be protected too. That’s when a privacy fence becomes a valuable addition to your backyard.

Whether you need your entire space fenced, or you simply want a privacy fence around your deck, our 25 innovative privacy fence ideas will ensure every backyard fanatic can find a privacy fence that suits their taste and budget.

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