21 Awesome DIY Backyard Firepit Ideas!

Nothing compares to kicking back, hanging out by a fire with the ones you care about most. While these fires typically happen while camping, now you can bring the warmth and good times to your own backyard!

As it may sound surprising, it’s actually pretty simple to build a DIY firepit in your own backyard space. And you can get as creative as you want! From an elaborate setup to something you can throw together in a few minutes, there are tons of amazing backyard firepit ideas to consider.

Keep reading as we list 21 leading backyard firepit ideas you can try on your own. Here are some of the popular ones we feature:

  • Repurposed Washing Machine Drum
  • Easy Stacked-Rock Firepit
  • Metal Firepit Ring
  • Firepit with Stone Wall
  • Hanging Firepit
  • Durable Round Stone Firepit
  • Strong Concrete Firepit
  • Clay Pot Firepit
  • Cinder Block Firepit
  • And More!

Easy Stacked-Rock Firepit

If you’re searching for cheap firepit ideas, pay attention to this one. For this idea, all you need to do is gather some rocks and place them in a circle in your backyard. As the picture shows, you don’t need perfectly sized rocks to create a cool appearance. This campfire-style backyard firepit can be thrown together in a matter of seconds, and it can make you feel like you’re out in the wilderness! If you need a few rocks for this project, look for some in your backyard. If you don’t have enough, stop by a local creek, river, or head over to a nearby hardware store.

stacked firepit

Repurposed Washing Machine Drum

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution, choose to build a firepit from a recycled washing machine drum! As thousands of washers get thrown away every single year, now you can put one to use. Not only do these washing machines make perfect firepits, but they also look pretty amazing! Once you gather an old washing machine drum, there are minor tweaks that need to be made, like adding a few legs so it stands up perfectly. Most homeowners also decide to paint their new firepit. This is a great way to put old, unused items to use, and the result can look incredible! Furthermore, you can bring this idea to life with very little money at all.

washing machine drum firepit

Metal Firepit Ring

If you love those cool firepits you see at campsites, then why not bring one to your own backyard!? All you need to do is buy a metal ring firepit, dig a hole in your yard, throw it in, and replace the dirt! If you want to place the firepit in grass or with pavers around it, the process will obviously have a few more steps. Whatever you decide, this is a super easy way to add an awesome campfire-style firepit in our own yard. As an added tip, build a sunken firepit by digging a hole in the dirt, place the metal ring a few inches below the surface of the ground, and add the dirt back in to hold the firepit in place.

metal firepit ring

Are firepits safe?

Of course when there’s fire around, there is always a concern for safety. But if you make sure to build your firepit in a safe area of your yard, they are completely safe. Dangerous situations usually happen from people putting too many materials in their firepit or using flammable chemicals or substances. There is also the danger of falling into the firepit. But as long as the pit is built a safe distance away from any structures, the area should be completely safe. Remember to always watch your kids around these pits, and running and playing is never encouraged.

Firepit with Stone Wall

While a backyard firepit creates the perfect area to hang out and relax, you may want to look at DIY firepit seating ideas. Rather than bringing over chairs every time you use your firepit, now you can build them! All you need for this project is some bricks, concrete, and maybe a few tools. While you can customize this firepit however you wish, many homeowners build a pit, flooring, and a wall about a foot or two high. This can create the ideal seating area for your family and friends!

stone wall firepit

Hanging Firepit

If you’re looking for cool firepits, check out this super awesome hanging option! This idea is perfect for those areas where you can’t dig, or on land that isn’t suited for a typical firepit. This idea can either be built yourself or you can buy these structures already put together.

hanging firepit

Durable Round Stone Firepit

If you want a more permanent option, shoot for a round stone firepit. All you need to buy is some natural stone pieces and concrete. As learning how to start a firepit project is sometimes the hardest part, the first step involves marking where you want your pit to go. From there, you dig a hole, lay some concrete, add a few stone pieces, then you’re pretty much finished!

round stone firepit

Short, Hexagon-Shaped Metal Firepit

For something that doesn’t pop out like the other options, you may consider this short, metal firepit shaped like a hexagon. The example above was built with pavers surrounding it, but that isn’t necessary. You can either buy these metal shapes already put together, or you can buy a few metal rods and customize your own shape! If you want simple, cheap firepit ideas, this is a DIY project to consider.

hexagon firepit

Where is the best location to build a firepit?

The most ideal place for your firepit really depends on your specific backyard. However, you’ll never want to build it close to any buildings, structures, or cars. Depending on the size of your firepit, it should be at least 20 feet away from any building. The best type of ground for a pit is dirt, but these firepits can also be constructed on grass, turf, or pavers.

Strong Concrete Firepit

If you’re interested in firepit landscaping ideas that are built to last, shoot for a concrete firepit. These DIY projects can be customized to suit your needs, and the results can look stunning! Although this is an idea for cool firepits, the building process is a little more extensive compared to other options we’ve discussed. However, everything can be finished within days! To build this pit, the general idea is to decide on your location, build your supports out of wood, then add the concrete surrounding that foundation. After completing the project, you’ll be left with a professional-looking firepit that can last for many years to come!

strong concrete firepit

Simple Stacked-Stone Firepit

If you want a simple, small firepit that takes seconds to put together, go for this easy stacked-stone option. To bring this project to life, head to the local hardware store and buy some stone pavers. The example above has two levels of pavers, with about ten stones on each row. Be sure to buy pavers with angled sides, as this makes it easy to create a circular shape.

stacked stone firepit

Square-Shaped Concrete and Stone Firepit

While circular pits are the most common, there are many amazing square firepit ideas to consider. One easy DIY project is to build a square-shaped firepit made of stone and concrete. This idea requires some concrete blocks, concrete, and stone pavers. Once you lay down the concrete blocks, add the concrete, then top it off with pavers for the final layer. Not only does this design look fantastic, but this flat area also provides the perfect seating space. This is one of the best square firepit ideas out there!

concrete firepit

Easy Firepit with Single Row of Brick

Although they’re considered simple, brick firepit ideas look amazing and work great. Take the example above for instance. By choosing short pavers in a single row, the firepit can blend in with its surroundings to create a natural look. This idea is for those looking for a less noticeable option, including people who want to save some cash. These small pavers can be found at your local hardware store, and you can even choose ones with different heights to give off a unique look.

single brick row firepit

What should I burn in my firepit?

Just like at a campfire, wood is the most common material to burn in a firepit. People will also throw in twigs, leaves, branches, and other natural items. Be sure to never burn anything flammable or anything with chemicals. These can either explode in the fire, cause a terrible smell, or cause harm to the environment. Wood is always the best material to throw in your fire. Not only does it smell amazing when burning, but it also burns for long periods and retains heat very well.

Stone Firepit with Creative Stacked Wall

If you love rustic firepit ideas but don’t want the basic look, you could really get creative with the wall surrounding your pit. These walls are especially useful if you want to protect something in this area. What makes this idea great is that you can really get creative! First, stack some pavers in a circular or square manner. Then, add pavers to half of your firepit to create a wall. Some homeowners build a pyramid with these stones, while others design a squared-off wall -- it’s totally up to you!

firepit with creative stacked wall

Clay Pot Firepit

While this isn’t really a DIY project, it is one of the more popular firepit landscaping ideas. If you have no idea how to start a firepit project, then go ahead and buy one of these awesome clay pot firepits. Not only do these look excellent in any backyard setting, but they also stay warm for many many hours!

clay firepit

Old Truck Wheel Firepit

While this isn’t really a DIY project, it is one of the more popular firepit landscaping ideas. If you have no idea how to start a firepit project, then go ahead and buy one of these awesome clay pot firepits. Not only do these look excellent in any backyard setting, but they also stay warm for many many hours!

old truck wheel firepit

Can you put a firepit on the grass?

If you have grass in your backyard, you can still build a DIY firepit. However, in an effort to protect your grass, you’ll want to lay down a solid foundation or dig your grass up in this area. As you never want any heat to touch your grass, you’ll need to place some dirt, concrete, or a different material that can add a level of protection. Following that step, you can build any type of firepit you wish!

Cinder Block Firepit

Another super simple firepit idea involves buying a few cinder blocks! To add a unique look that stands out, put these cinder blocks together in an interesting design. For example, you can have different rows of cinder blocks with each row facing a different direction. Most homeowners build this project in a square design.

cinder block firepit

Steel Firepit

Aside from brick firepit ideas, steel is an extremely strong material that can also be used for the perfect backyard pit. You can either hire a professional to bend steel to your desired shape, or you could buy these already constructed. Whether you choose a small firepit or something massive, steel can provide a sleek look in any backyard setting.

steel firepit

Metal and Stone Firepit

If you can’t decide between a metal or stone firepit, why not go for both? As most of these metal designs come in a circular shape, you can easily fit a layer of rock right next to these metal rings. To create a professional-looking finished product, add a few metal rings and stack beautiful stone in between them.

metal and stone firepit

Firepit by the Pool

A fire is always better by water. If you have a pool, lake, or pond in your backyard space, put your firepit right next to it! This can make the area that much more relaxing, and the whole setup can look fantastic.

firepit by the pool

Should I put sand in my firepit?

If you want your firepit to retain as much heat as possible, it’s a good idea to add some sand to the bottom of your pit. If you have a metal firepit, sand also adds a level of protection to make the pit last longer.

DIY Outdoor Propane Firepit

If you would rather not worry about burning wood, you could shoot for an outdoor propane firepit. Although it may sound surprising, these are extremely easy to make. You can even place one right in the middle of your outdoor table! The best propane firepit ideas are ones where they’re built alongside a pool or in some other unique area.

DIY propane firepit

Cozy Patio Firepit

If you have a comfortable patio area that needs a little heat, trying building a small propane firepit! Many homeowners will actually build these in a table or in their own structure. Propane firepits are very useful because you can customize them however you wish. Whether you need a small option or something large, building a propane firepit for your patio is easy!

patio ffirepit

Firepit Surrounded with Seating

If you frequently have many people over for gatherings and events, you may need a large backyard firepit area. In that case, you could easily build a firepit with tons of seating options! One approach is to build a firepit about 5 feet by 5 feet, then install bench seating surrounding the whole pit. You can get really creative with this project, so be sure to research different firepit seating ideas to find a solution best suited for your needs!

firepit surrounded by chairs


From a brick, sunken firepit to an option made out of a tire wheel, there are tons of unique ways to add a gorgeous firepit to your backyard space. If you want to build a pit your friends and family will love, choose any of the DIY projects above and get to work!

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